Get your business on Google plus

Why should you have a Google+ account for your business?
Just remember, Google Plus is promoted by the largest technology platform on Earth.

You need to take advantage of this!
Why? Well, whatever happens on Google+ will obviously be prioritised by Google. Everything you post on Google+ will be immediately indexed by Google and therefore influence your website’s ranking. By being active on Google+ you will be able to not only influence search engine results, but will also enable you to build trust in your brand.

What will we do for you?
We will work with you to set up your business’s Google+ page for only £60. We will register your business with Google, embed your logo, add a cover image of your choice and complete all your business information. We will also prepare an initial post to get you started.

What will we need from you?

  • Your business logo.
  • Your website address
  • All your contact details including main email address
  • Suitable image for cover image (products/services/etc)
  • A 50% deposit (£30)

What to do next?
Phone us on 07966 612112 today.