Are you getting the best out of your e-marketing? Here are some tips …

Getting the best out of your e-marketing

Your time is precious, but you know you still need to keep in touch with your client base as well as getting your brand in front of potential new customers. How can you do this when you’re so busy?

One solution is e-mail marketing which is a time efficient and cost effective way of getting your messages to your target audience.

TIP: Support you email campaign through other communication channels such as your chosen social media platforms and your website.

Whether you’ve dabbled with e-newsletters in the past or if you’ve never actually sent one out before, it is worth noting that 89% of marketing professionals reported that email was their main communication channel for generating new leads. Additionally, when it comes to communicating for business purposes 86% of business people preferred to communicate by email. So, when you think about it, when you get to work in the morning what’s one of the first things you do? Yes, just like me, you probably check your inbox first. So, maybe it just makes sense to invest time in sending your potential customers messages directly to their inbox.

Some email marketing tips & advice to improve the effectiveness of your emails:

What’s your e-newsletter about?

You want people to open your newsletter, so ideally, you need to have a compelling subject title. The subject title is what appears in your inbox. If you just call your newsletter ‘February Newsletter’ then it isn’t necessarily going to pique someone’s interest. So, take a little time to think about what could prompt your target to open your email. Don’t get disheartened if not everybody opens your email, nobody gets a 100% open rate!


People aren’t necessarily going to buy from you just because you’ve sent them an email. What this channel provides is an opportunity for you to share valuable information that they will find helpful. By being helpful, you are building credibility and trust in your brand. Your aim is to become the ‘go to’ expert in your sector,  so consider some of the typical problems you can resolve for your customers and write about those.


E-newsletters provide an effective tool for you to talk to the people that matter most to your business and your customers. It opens the door for you to build a relationship with both new and potential customers and keep your brand at the forefront of their minds for when the need arises for your products or services. Be patient, building relationships takes time.

Make it Personal

This is really, important! Recent statistics show that personalised emails improve click -through rates on average by 14%. People just respond better if you know their name, it is that simple. Personally, I don’t send emails to anyone if I don’t know their first name. Additionally, it also helps with regards to avoiding the dreaded junk folder!

Increase Website Traffic

On-line attention spans are short and in all reality probably getting shorter! So, as best as possible, keep the content of your e-newsletters brief, perhaps using bullet points, article snippets and/or images to get your message across quickly. Always, include links or ‘Call to Actions’ that lead people back to your website’s most relevant landing page. Your content should leave your audience wanting to find out more. Consider what action you want the person receiving your email to do and make it easy for them to do it.


Set out a realistic plan as to how often you’re going to send out your newsletter and when. Having a planned scheduled will motivate you to actually do it. I’d also advise that you set out exactly what you are going to write about for each mailing. One thing you don’t want is to sit down and find yourself thinking ‘Right, what am I going to write about this week?‘. If you know, what you’re going to write about way in advance, it’ll make the job so much easier for you.

Do You Need Affordable and Effective Marketing Support?

Even though e-marketing is time effective, if you are managing a small to medium sized business, you still may find that the easiest option for you is to outsource the work, so that you can get on with what’s in front of you. Mojo Marketing provides an ideal solution by offering a highly flexible and very affordable way of implementing your marketing activities.

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