Marketing During Covid 19

Marketing During Covid 19

Marketing During Covid 19

The situation being faced by businesses is changing day by day,  but the kids are about to go back to school(again!) and providing we don’t slip up, for most of us, we should be able to continue trading. This means you can keep focusing on your business and if you haven’t done so already, you can also plan to get that long overdue haircut (again!) once the hard hit hairdressers are back to work.

The slump in business activity in certain sectors has provided an ideal opportunity to reassess your business activities and in particular your marketing.

Though some businesses are reporting that they’ve never been so busy, for many, it may take some time to get back up to speed. So, while things may fluctuate or be quite for your business temporarily, now is the time to start tackling those marketing jobs you need to get going with that will help your business get noticed.

Is it time to get your haircut?

Whatever stage your business is in with regards to getting back on track, it is vital to keep your brand visible. The unpredictability of the current situation makes it doubly important to keep communicating positively with your audience about your brand and to show that your business is ready to deliver whenever your customers need you.

Is doing nothing an option?

My view is that first and foremost you must keep in touch with your current client base. You’ll also need to keep your brand in front of your referrers, prospects and past customers. Reassure them that you will be there for them when the situation normalises. If you’re able to adapt your business accordingly, then let them know how you can still support them now if required.

The government is ‘trying’ to get everyone back to work, and though business conditions may remain tough for some, now is a good time to reboot your marketing activities and create interest in your products and services. Any barriers to doing ‘business as usual’ will eventually pass, so as business owners we need to be ready and keep a positive mindset throughout.

If you or your clients are uncomfortable with face-to-face meetings, you will for the most part have to go digital. You’ve probably already dabbled in a few Zoom meetings.

You can make a quick start today by creating a marketing to-do list.

Here are some tips to help you make a start:

  • Update your website…Does it instill confidence?
    Review everything about your website. You should really be doing this regularly anyway. It could be that you need to do some simple updates or maybe now’s an opportune moment to develop a new website? Importantly, make sure your website is mobile friendly (we can help with this). One is thing is for sure, let your customers know that you are there to support them, that you are able to deal with any enquiries and how you can deliver your service safely.
  • Update your social media profiles
    Update your profile (including images) and ensure that you clearly define the problems your business can solve for your customers.
  • Connect with your audience on social media.
    Focus on just one or two platforms that suits you and your business and start to grow your audience. Think about your ideal prospects and start connecting. Perhaps go through all your business cards and check to see you are connected on LinkedIn.
  • Be found on-line
    Check to see that your business can easily be found online. Especially for any critical keyword phrases related to the services or products you offer. You may want to carry out some basic search engine optimisation work.
    • Create new content.
      Add a new article or news item to your website and share it on social media and via your e-newsletter. Going back to an earlier point, you can provide a summary about how your business is operating in the current situation. One thing to note is that the situations we find ourselves in is changing from one week to the next, so do your best to find the time to update your posts.
    • Refresh your old content.
      Review your current website’s older content and refresh or update it where appropriate making it as current as possible. Share your refreshed content on social media.
    • Review what your competition is doing.
      If your competition has gone into hibernation, then now is a great time to steal some thunder. If they are not currently active on-line, then this is a great opportunity for you to get ahead of the game.
    • Other Marketing
      Reboot those marketing activities that have previously worked for you and would be safe to implement in the current situation. This may include leaflet distribution, direct mail or advertising. Though this might be tricky at present, take the time to review your networking options for when you can actually get out there and make new contacts.

    Demand for the type of products or services you offer was there before the lockdown and therefore will return, so it is essential that you are prepared for this. By starting now and by keeping your brand visibility high, you’ll be ahead of your competitors when it comes to getting those leads. One thing is for sure, doing nothing is not an option!

    Do You Need Affordable and Effective Marketing Support?

    If you manage a small to medium sized business, you still may find that the easiest option for you is to outsource the marketing work that needs to be done, so that you can get on with the other priorities in front of you right now.  Mojo Marketing provides an ideal solution by offering a highly flexible and very affordable way of implementing your marketing activities.

    For a no-obligation chat about your requirements, please call Neil Chatterjee today on 07966 612112 . Alternatively, you can send us a message on our secure form here.

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